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Training Opportunities for Professionals

16-Hour Parenting Coordination Training*

Two-Day Training Program for Parenting Coordinators, Mediators, Custody Evaluators, Attorneys, Judges, Therapists, Parent Educators, and Other Professionals Who Work with High Conflict Families

Christine Crilley presents a comprehensive training that will form a foundation for your Parenting Coordination Practice.  This specialty training is in topics relating to parenting coordination including the parenting coordination process, guidelines for the practice, family dynamics, domestic violence, best interest of the children, dealing with high conflict parents, parenting skills, problem solving techniques, dealing with conflict and much more.
*This training follows the AFCC Guidelines for Parenting Coordination.

40-Hour Family Law Mediator Training

Training is for Mediators, Collaborative Professionals, Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Planners, Therapists, Child Advocates, Parenting Coordinators, Human Resources, Social Workers

This 40-hour Mediation Training program is for those who want to Mediate in family law disputes, in Court Ordered Roster Mediation Programs, in the Workplace, and facilitate in other areas of Dispute Resolution. The training will form a foundation for your Mediation Practice. Although this training is not intended to be advanced skill training, some advanced skill development may be introduced. Training will provide a comprehensive background in Dispute Resolution enabling you to develop your own style and area of Mediation.

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Christine Crilley, Parenting Coordinator