• Help parents understand the impact that their conflict has on their children;
  • Dispute resolution offered to high conflict parents where Mediation is inappropriate or ineffective due to high level of conflict;
  • Help parents move toward a healthier co-parenting relationship and develop methods of communication;

  • Help parents implement or stay in compliance with existing Court orders;

  • Support and mediate parental self-conflict resolution as parents resolve day to day issues that are frequently in conflict;
  • Help parents explore dispute resolution techniques, explore possibilities of compromise or collaboration; clarify priorities, clear up misunderstandings / communication problems;

  • With prior approval of Court or Parties, the Parenting Coordinator has the authority to make limited decisions when parents are unable or unwilling to make decisions on their own;

  • Reduce repeated re-litigation

This non-confidential process may require documentation and reporting of concerns of parental behaviors to the Court associated with compliance or noncompliance with Court orders.

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Parenting Coordination Program Goals

Parenting Coordination  is an alternative dispute resolution process that is a non-confidential, child centered; whereby the parenting coordinator works with parents (usually high conflict couples) in problem solving to create a healthier co-parenting relationship.

Christine Crilley, Parenting Coordinator