The focus of Co-Parent Coaching is always the Best Interest of the Children. Parents meet individually or preferably together with the Neutral Coach to:

  • Redefine parenting roles;
  • Work on the separated parenting relationship;
  • Develop skills for post-separation/post-divorce parenting of their children;
  • Work on immediate/long term parenting issues;
  • Work on conflict resolution;
  • Redefine joint parenting goals and aspirations
  •  Explore raising their children in two separate  households;

Co-Parent Coaching is the first step parents take so they control together the parenting of their children unlike the Parenting Coordination program where parents are frequently entrenched in long term conflict and parental “warfare.”  Parenting Coordination process is a long process where parental decision making in intense conflict may be deferred to the Parent Coordinator; this is not Co-Parent Coaching, whereby in Co-Parent Coaching, the goal always remains to improve and strengthen the relationship and decision making of the two-household parents as they redefine and improve their parenting relationship to successfully co-parent their children.

Co-parent Coaching is available to all parents and can also be used within the Collaborative Divorce Process (in the Collaborative Divorce Process, the Co-Parent Coach can be a part of the Collaborative team or a jointly selected facilitator to the Process).

Co-Parent Coaching is for parents in conflict, but is also a process for parents, not necessarily in high conflict, but struggling to redefine raising their children in two separate households.

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Christine Crilley, Parenting Coordinator

Co-Parent Coaching Program Goals